Great Canadian Fit Fest

I first heard of Fit Fest on Instagram, and I thought that it was a fantastic concept and something I’d be interested in going to.  It’s a 2 day  all around fitness festival for all levels of fitness.

Admission may seem pricey at first (this years was $40 for one day with their 20% off code, $75 for the weekend) however, all the activities inside you get to try at no additional cost. This in turn, makes it a really great deal if you’re wanting to try a whole bunch of new things (not to mention they’re also all under one roof). plus a lot of the gyms and facilities give out things like “1 free pass” or discounts and not to mention almost every booth has a contest as well.

Check out their site here: Great Canadian Fit Fest

Here are a few of the awesome new things I tried:


  • Axe throwing and buck sawing (buck sawing was way harder than it looked, appreciating all the lumberjacks that still do it)
  • Pole dancing and aerial silk


  • Acroyoga


  • Roller derby
  • Normatec Pneumatic Compression pants (This thing feels wonderful. If you’re a nurse they’re like SCDs that we use for patients just used on the full leg instead)


Tips if you plan on going:


  • Bring a backpack or a bag to put stuff in or else you’re going to be carrying cards and potentially a tree cookie around the whole day.
  • Bring water and snacks. It can be a long day and you need to refuel. The facility didn’t have their food court open and there weren’t very many food options inside the festival.
  • If you’re thinking about attending the classes bring a yoga mat. The concrete can be hard on your hands and knees.
  • For things like the massages see if there’s a wait list and sign up early if you can. We didn’t even make it to our last massage before leaving (but be courteous, let them know if you’re not going to participate).
  • I suggest wearing workout leggings instead of shorts and bring a hoodie if you think you’ll get cold.
  • Try everything! You don’t know if you’ll like it till you try it 🙂

Overall I  really enjoyed this event. I would consider attending again next year depending on the vendors and if there are more new things for me to try 🙂


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