Prior to Preceptorship. 

As we end our final weekend before starting preceptorship, there are a flurry of emotions. Excitement to be so close to finishing. Fear of the unknown. An eagerness to learn. And the biggest one of all, anxiety about whether I will do well as I transition into becoming a Registered Nurse.

I will be completing my final placement (Preceptorship) in Acute GI Medicine. It will last ten weeks, and I will experience things I never have before. I know that this placement will allow for me to hone in my assessment and time-management skills, as well as gain a newfound appreciation for the GI system (which to be honest, has been my weakest and most looked-over system).

Although I have not started my first shift, I feel these emotions looming over me. I want to be so excited to learn and experience things I never have, but I am also so nervous of what is to come. We have never practiced outside of the watchful eye of our clinical instructors. They have always been there to watch us, to save us, to help us, to calm us, to teach us.

Now, we have a Preceptor. Someone who is there to teach us the ins and outs of Nursing. How to function on our own, how to manage our workload and how to care for different patients. Being a Preceptor is a huge responsibility, and I only hope that my preceptor will teach me, guide me, and help me flourish into the best RN I can be.

As we enter into this experience, and last few weeks as a student, I feel the weight of it all. I am bracing myself for the 12-hour shifts, the night shifts, the long travel times, the lack of sleep, the responsibility. I am also ready for the jokes and bonding with my patients, the comradery I will feel with my fellow Nurses, and the pride I will feel when I am able to successfully care for and manage my patients.

I guess it feels like we’re alone now, facing the world as real adults. Real Nurses. It’s a lot of responsibility, and I’m sure the next ten weeks are going to be ten weeks of tremendous growth. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I am so ready to get through it.

Right now, all that stands between me and my degree is 340 hours. I can do it, I will do it.



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