March Ipsy Glam Bag- Tres Jolie

I absolutely love this month’s glam bag design. It’s so cute and different than previous glam bag designs. As for the products, I’m okay with them. I’m not jumping up and down about it but I also don’t hate it. Brushes always get me excited and I was happy that I didn’t spend points on the Ladykin cream that was up for redemption a few months ago. I don’t mind hair products once in awhile, but Eva NYC makes it a little more exciting to get. TheBalm powder samples are always small so this is kind of just a meh for me, and eyeshadow is one of my most loved products but this one doesn’t stand out to me.  

Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer

I first discovered Eva NYC through Ipsy and it has become one of my favourite hair brands. I’m always excited to try their products and they all smell amazing. I will need to keep trying this product to see if it does all of the things it says it does for my hair.  

Sample size is 30 mL (1 oz). Full size 6 oz and retails for $14.00 on the Eva NYC website . 25% off any purchase [evamarch25] 


Ladykin Affinitic Snail Cream

Okay first off how cute is this packaging?! I am so in love with this little snail I will definitely be keeping it once I’m done with the cream. Ladykin is a Korean brand and the first Korean brand I’ve ever tried. This cream is apparently made from snail secretions which is kind of cool and weird? This cream does make my face feel super soft and it smells great.

Sample snail is 5 ml. Full size 100mL is $22. 00 from the Ladykin website. 10% off any purchase [IPSY] 


Elizabeth Mott Blending Brush

I love getting more makeup brushes and this is the first one I’ve ever gotten from Elizabeth Mott. The brush itself is really nice. The bristles and soft and this blending brush is more dense than some others that I have due to the shorter bristle length. Either way it’s a great addition to the collection. I also loved the “how to dry your makeup brush” tip that went along with this brush (and all the other brushes this month) on the Ipsy website. If you’re an Ipsy member I highly recommend checking out their trick to dry your brushes if you don’t already have an effective method at home for drying them upside down.

Retails for $15.00 on the Elizabeth Mott website. 50% off any purchase [BLENDING50] 


theBalm Cosmetics Bahama Mama

This sample is just meh for me. The powder samples from theBalm are always very small, making it difficult to use with larger brushes. The bronzer itself is a nice matte shade and something that I can thrown into an on the go makeup bag. Nothing wrong with the product, the sample of it is just kind of lame.   

Sample is 0.57g  (0.02oz) Full size is 7.08g (0.25 oz) and  $20.00 from theBalm website. 20% off purchase [IPSY20] 


mPrincess Pressed Eyeshadow in Chestnut

This is the first time I’ve received this brand. The color is nice, but it’s basically just a satin warm brown. This is a product I’m sure will get lost and forgotten in my collection.  

Product is full size and retails for $15,00 on the mPrincess website. Free eyeshadow of choice with purchase [IPSY03] 

– Kayla


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