Orange Theory

Today my boyfriend and I finally attended our Orange Theory free trial class that we got when we went to FitFest. For those who don’t know what Orange Theory is, it’s a one hour group workout that is coach lead, heart monitored, and is basically a HITT (high intensity interval training) workout. They say you can burn between 500 – 1000 calories in an one hour class (depends on your intensity of course), and this was something I was interested in seeing was true.

I felt kind of intimidated at first since I haven’t done an intense workout in a while due to school and thought I wasn’t going to make it through the one hour class. The class we did today was a strength workout and incorporated free weights, rowing, and the treadmill. The coach started my boyfriend and I out in the free weights and because both of us workout and have a good fitness background he encouraged us to push ourselves and have fun. Little did my boyfriend and I know, there were 2 more sets of workouts after we pushed ourselves through the first one (we became noodles after that). This was followed by a quick row and then onto the 25 minutes of the treadmill. Both of us were dreading the treadmill after we had already tired ourselves out with the first half of the workout. The treadmill portion of our class was done as interval training. The coach guided you through what incline and how fast you should be going. They had 3 target zones that you could choose to be at: Speed Walker, Jogger, and Runner. I’m not a fast runner and tended to float in between the speeds of the upper end of speed walking and the lower end of jogging while my boyfriend stayed at the Runner level. After this the workout ended with a group stretch.


I really enjoyed the coaching. He demonstrated all of the exercises in the set before we started and walked around ensured everyone was doing them properly. While my boyfriend and I work out already, he was able to give both of us tweaks to our form. I thought the coaching was the most useful during the treadmill portion. I do run on my own but I tend to get lazy with it and rarely push myself. I enjoyed just being able to do what the coach said when he said it because it made it easier for me to push myself.    

The Environment:

The environment was also great. Upbeat music plays throughout the whole class but you can still hear the coach. Two screens allows you to see what heart rate level you’re in and there’s just enough space to complete the exercises in your own little area. The class has about 15-20 people and it was comfortable and you just do your own thing. You can go at your own pace for all the exercises and push yourself as much as you want. However, I think you should try and push yourself a little but there’s no competition.

Recommendations and final thoughts:

We both really enjoyed the workout. You will get sweaty so wear good workout clothes and bring a big water bottle. If you have an Orange Theory near you, you can go onto their website and try a class for free. They have classes running all the time throughout the day and week so there should be a class that will fit into your schedule! The classes also are also different everyday and tomorrow’s workout at my Orange Theory is supposed to be a partner one. I’d recommend anyone of any fitness level giving it a try. If you want to get into working out and think you would benefit from coaching this would be a good place to start. If you’re an athlete or someone who enjoys fitness this would be a great way to push yourself.

How did we do?

My stats are in the photo above but I was amazed I burnt 635 calories and my boyfriend burnt 988 calories. The highest heart rate that I saw I got to was 200 beats per minute. The performance summary from the class is emailed at the end.  

Would I go back?

I would totally consider it. Right now I still have my membership to my school’s gym and I haven’t considered joining a different gym membership quite yet (making money is a factor lol). This style of workout is also very similar to the workouts we do at my boyfriend’s dad’s house. His dad sets up similar workouts for us in his basement (he’s a firefighter with a home gym and of course this isn’t realistic for everyone) so I could do similar workouts already. My Orange Theory is extremely close to my house and since all the workouts are one hour it makes it feasible with busy schedules. I’m unsure if I would choose it over going to my community rec center/ traditional gym and I’m not sure if paying for both an Orange Theory membership and traditional gym membership is worth it.        

[Update: I went back for a second class and my heart rate tracker didn’t work during my whole class so my stats and calories burnt were not accurate. However, if you sign up during your initial membership fee your own personal heart rate tracker is included.]

Feel free to leave any additional questions and comments!




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