Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

For many, Mother’s Day is coming up soon and sometimes it’s hard to think of ideas to get your mom. Here are some simple ideas and strategies I’ve come up with that may help you out.

Some strategies I’ve used to think of gifts for my mom:

  • If you’re with your mom a lot  (aka living at home) or talk to her a lot try and pick up on things she says. Does she mention something cute she saw somewhere? Does she mention how she would like something or wished she had something? Does she need something new because her’s is worn out/ broken/ or old? Is there anything that would make your mom’s life a little easier?
  • Something I’ve done before is creep my moms makeup bag. I know what shade of lipstick, eye shadow, and eye liner and even brands my mom likes so I can pick her up some new makeup according to that.  I can also see what products she’s running low of and pick her up a new one.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your mom what she’d like to do!

DIY gifts are awesome because you can personalise them to your mom and go in any direction you want with it:

  • Print out a cute photo you love of your mom and you, grab an inexpensive frame from the dollar store, some cute craft supplies, and a glue gun. Decorate and wrap however you want!
  • Create a spa day gift basket or jar. This one is great because you can be budget friendly or as luxe as you want to be! 1. Grab a cute box, jar, basket, or even decorate a shoe box with some cute paper. 2. Go out and grab things like nail polish, sheet masks, makeup; a cute tumbler, wine glass, or mug; chocolate, tea, or her favourite treat; maybe flipflops or other cute accessories. You can take this in any direction you want and spend according to your budget. Whenever I do my own little gifts like this my favourite thing to do is hit up Walmart and start with some things I want to get and then see what else would be cute to add.
  • Is there something you cook or bake that your mom loves? Maybe whip up a batch of her favourite cookies or fudge.


Not everyone lives close to their mom so here are some online gift suggestions:

  •  Send something as simple as flowers, chocolate, or a Edible Arrangement.
  • I really like the brand Charmed Aroma. They have candles, bath bombs, soaps, body  scrubs and cream that all include a silver jewellery item (earrings, ring, necklaces or a bracelet)! Your mom can enjoy two gifts in one! They also have a Mother’s Day candle on their website.
  • Websites such as Shutterfly have tons of items that you can customise with photos or words from pillows and wine glasses to jewellery.
  • Find something cool on Etsy.
  • Find something off of their favourite online shop.
  • Shops like Chapters have a whole mother’s day section this time of year with some really cute stuff like wine glasses.
  • Get her a subscription box! There are subscription boxes out there for almost every interest now and many provide a gift option.


You don’t have to get your mom a physical gift spending time with her is also a great idea!

  • Take her out to her favourite restaurant or whip up a home cooked meal or brunch.
  • Plan a simple shopping date. Grab some Starbucks or ice cream and head out!
  • Go out and see a movie together
  • Take her out for a spa day or mani and pedis.
  •  Drinking + painting what else could be better (or maybe go wrong)? Hitting up a Paint Night is always fun because you don’t need to have amazing art skills. I mean after a few drinks maybe you’ll think your Leonardo Da Vinci.  I’ve also seen Paint Nights that aren’t on canvas such as painting a wine glass.
  • Is your mom into fitness? Does she wanna try a new class or go to one she already loves?
  • Does where you live have a cute local cafe? My city has things like a cat cafe and a board game cafe.

And here is just a list of easy go to gifts:

  • Bottle of wine or her favourite alcohol
  • Her favourite tea and a mug
  • A new book
  • Cute accessory like a clutch, necklace, sunglasses etc
  • Prepackaged body care gift set such as from Bath and Body Works
  • Candle or diffuser
  • Flowers
  • Gift certificate to somewhere she loves going


Happy gifting!



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