We are 4 fourth year Registered Nursing students from Canada who met each other during nursing school, well half of us did. We wanted to create a space to share things in our lives that we enjoy or want to talk about with the rest of you.

A little bit about each of us:

Kayla – I can technically say I’m fashionable since there’s this whole athlesiure trend going on and I’m usually wearing workout clothes. I enjoy sports, working out, and being active in general. I love and have a lot of makeup and wear it when I’m not too lazy to put it on or I actually have the time (mornings are not my thing). I love travelling and trying different foods and I’m sure I eat too much. I love new experiences especially ones that are awe inspiring or provide an adrenaline rush. I snowboard (although school has gotten in the way) and long board when there’s not snow.  I’m quite sure I have an addiction to Pinterest. I’m also pretty bad at doing introductions and on the spot questions.

Komal – Hello people of the internet. I’m very excited to begin this blogging journey of anything and everything!  I must warn you though that I’m simply a very awkward human being; my eyes love to make eye contact with random people, and my mouth adds it’s 2 cents in by forming the most ungraceful smile to try and cover my embarrassment. As you can probably already tell, I’m a person who enjoys run-on sentences .. a structured life is no fun anyways! I love photography, no matter how the picture turns out, my heart is content just holding a camera. I also enjoy drawing nature themed sketches, and reading when I have some extra time. I’m hoping to travel and explore the unexplored once I become a Registered Nurse, all while nursing in those countries.

Sahra – I’m Sahra -pronounced “Sarah” not “Sah-Rah” or “Sahara” like the desert- ;). I LOVE and own more makeup than anyone in their right mind should. I am also very passionate and excited about my future career as a Registered Nurse. I have an obsession with tea, and I love to sing and paint when I have spare time (which as a Nursing student, I don’t have much of :P). Right now, I’m working on having a positive outlook on life and enjoying each day as it comes – and I’m definitely sure this blog is the start of just that.

Caroline – Hi! I’m Caroline, and I am horrible at introductions, so I’m going to tell you everything about me, in the most “me” way possible, by rambling for 2 minutes. I enjoy travelling places and trying new things. I am an avid lover of the stars and the night sky, music, binge watching T.V shows, make up, procrastinating to no end, and making inappropriate jokes. My life is a mish mash of everything that can and will go wrong, mostly because of how awkward and uncomfortable I am in 90% of social situations that life puts me in. Through this blogging experience I hope you learn that you are not alone when things don’t go the way you planned, or I hope you have a little chuckle about the misfortune that is, my life! Here’s a fun fact, when i was younger I wanted to work for NASA (i really truly don’t know why) but ended up joining nursing and falling in love with it instead! That’s all for now, but I’ll leave you with one important life lesson – Never say no to pizza, unless it’s from a stranger (then proceed with caution)!