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Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino

When you’re studying sometimes you just need to treat yourself which is why Caroline and I walked a total of 6 kilometers to get some Frappes and take advantage of Starbucks’ Frappuccino Happy Hour. This time we opted for the new Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino hoping that it wouldn’t fail us; and good thing it didn’t.

This frappe is delicious! Going with the barista’s recommendation we got our frappes coffee based instead of milk based. This frappuccino was a perfect blend of chocolate and mint that wasn’t too sweet or overpowering. The coffee base contributed only a slight flavour in my opinion was the right amount. If you really like coffee/ the coffee flavour you might not find that the flavour is very strong or noticeable. If you like mint and chocolate together I’d recommend giving this frappuccino a try!

I would purchase this frappuccino again if I was craving some mint and chocolate!

Caroline: “It was good! Not as sweet as I expected it to be but I would buy it again”


McDonald’s Oreo Ice Frappe

So after the excitement over the Starbucks Unicorn Frap and the disastrous outcome from it I knew my excitement for the McDonald’s Oreo Ice Frappe couldn’t fail me too much. I already love both of the McDonald’s Ice Frappe flavours and I especially enjoy their price points during the summer. In my opinion I like their coffee frappe better than Tim Hortons and Starbucks. It’s the happy medium of actually tasting like coffee and isn’t too overpriced.

So how did the Oreo Frappe hold up?

All I can say is that it will probably become my go to treat of the summer! It was delicious. It had the perfect amount of the coffee base with the chocolate to make it taste like a mocha.  Unlike the regular frappes, the Oreo one is topped with whipped cream and Oreo cookie crumble which is also mixed into the drink.  This drink had the right amount of sweetness and none of the flavours overpowered one another. I guess the only downside to the drink is you can’t drink all of the Oreo chunks through the straw so you have to scoop them up at the end.

If you like coffee, chocolate, and Oreos (who doesn’t like these things?) then I would suggest trying this drink next time you want to treat yourself!

Unicorn Frappuccino



SOO.. we hopped on the colourful bandwagon today and tried the new limited edition Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino!! Everyone can agree this is probably one of the most instagrammable drinks Starbucks has created; with it’s layers of pink, blue, and whipped cream topped with the same colourful powder. Now what does a unicorn taste like? According to Starbucks it’s a crème frapp with mango syrup and sour blue raspberry. First of all, who came up with this very interesting flavour combination?! Who knew unicorns could be so sour!

The drink started out with a sweet surprisingly more real than fake mango taste. Kayla did the mistake of licking the pink and blue powder on top saying it was super sour and told the rest of us not to try it, but of course all three of us did. This is where the magic seemed to run out for Kayla who mixed the whole drink together. After mixing both the blue drizzle on the side of the cup and the whipped cream into the drink, it was completely ruined. It became really really sour and no longer tasted like mango. Kayla’s reaction: “I wish I didn’t mix it. It tasted way better before.” She expected it

Caroline also had a similar opinion, she thought it was really good until she mixed it. She suggests that if you do want to mix it, don’t mix it all the way, so you can retain the mango fruity flavour with a tinge of sourness.

Sahra actually enjoyed the flavour and the sourness but found it was just a little teeny tiny bit TOO Sour. And for myself, I actually really liked the drink, I didn’t end up mixing it at all, I didn’t scrape off the blue syrup and just drank it like a normal person lol. After the first little mango sugary rush, the drink started tasting a little more flavoured, and then soon became soury. However, because I didn’t mix the frap, the magical unicorn taste remained!

So will we be drinking the Unicorn Frappuccino again?

  • Kayla: Sadly nope. The drink doesn’t match the cuteness.
  • Komal: I would totally get another one but because it’s only available for 3 more days, I probably will not be ready.
  • Sahra: Probably not
  • Caroline: I wouldn’t drink it again. If you want the taste just get a vanilla frap with a mango shot. The unicorn frap is mostly for aesthetic

Did you try the Unicorn Frappuccino? If so what were your thoughts?

– Komal

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